Upcoming Trips

Charleston and Savannah March 29 - April 4, 2020


Think of going through another winter like last year and escape part of Wisconsin's March and April!!  Ah...Yes...love that warm weather that awaits us just a few hours flying time away.  And there is a bonus in Savannah!  We are there in the Historic District for their Music Festival featuring some of the top jazz artists in the U.S.!

Machu Picchu & The Amazon January 7 - 17, 2020


Both Machu Picchu and the Amazon River region afford you a step back in history, environment, and lifestyle of its citizens.  It’s a difficult area to get to and is an area to be marveled at. You will never see anything like it…I think you will agree…It is one of the “Wonders of the World

Danube Cruise - Bucharest to Vienna Oct 12-23, 2020


  This is a special cruise program with many unforgettable highlights, including seven countries (Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania) and five world famous capital cities (Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Belgrade and Bucharest). One particular scenic highlight of this trip is the cruise through the “Iron Gates”, the imposing gorge where the Danube breaks through the Carpathian Mountains. 

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